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Total Maintenance Package

The Mechtech Group, which comprises both Mechatronic and Robopod brands, has developed a comprehensive package of service to support its customers and their machines on production sites throughout the world.

Through design experience and integration expertise Mechtech has built a reputation over the last thirty years for reliability and repeatability of their machines. The performance of our assembly cells is enhanced by regular maintenance and replacement of wear items by our teams of skilled engineers. These services are offered and delivered by dedicated personnel who are experts in the technology you have been supplied by the Mech-tech Group.



Mechatronic supply genuine spares to original master designs, our spares department can procure everything from a new sensor to a replacement base frame working in conjunction with our engineering department to ensure quality and interchangeability. Planned supplies of correct spares and consumables minimises downtime and improves your productivity


Machine Surveys and Routine Maintenance

Mechatronic offers programs to regularly inspect machines of any age and our original manufacture to report on any defects or recommendations that will further ensure their reliability to extend life to process parts for you with minimised break downs and faults

During these visits we can optimise performance and recommend any long term upgrades that would improve the performance of the machines

Remote backup

Remote back-up

In most instances our highly skilled in-house control experts can connect to your machines on site to diagnose problems and  guide engineers on your production site to solve problems remotely in real time, Additionally we can upgrade software from our base in Birmingham to add features or variants. This efficient service speeds response time and is a very cost effective way of supporting our customers.


Modifications and Upgrades

The dedicated engineering team at Mechatronic can design, plan, procure and integrate modification kits to equip your machines for new variants where practical to give them extended life adapt them for additional processes as your programs expand


Equipment Training

The Mechtech group have developed specialist training courses for Operators, Engineers and Technicians to ensure maximum understanding of the processes and productivity whilst still avoiding break downs and keeping all involved safe. Correct,well-informed courses from our trainers give best insite for Maintenance, Efficient working and Maximised output of our cells.

The Benefits of Service Credits

  • Reduced rate service support in comparison to Option 1 – Fixed Rate
  • No need to obtain a quote for service work every time work is needed, just request a service visit and the rest is taken care of.
  • Potential to Schedule Preventative Maintenance support from Mechatronic Solutions/ RoboPod®

Service and Safety Assessment

This option would involve an onsite safety check of your machine after the 12-month warranty has expired.

Service and safety assessment will require one of our experienced engineers to visit your works for half a day to assess the safety and operation of supplied equipment.

Service and safety assessment checklist will involve inspecting:

  • Main Frame
  • Jigs and Fixtures
  • Pneumatics
  • Electrics
  • Controls

At the end of the service and safety assessment our engineer will submit a report to inform you of:

  • Equipment condition
  • List of urgent maintenance areas (if required)
  • Maintenance plan for high risk areas (if required)
  • Preventative maintenance plan for future work

Note: Any additional work required will be quoted

Our Service Commitments
  • To provide top quality customer service from the initial call through to the completion of the service.
  • Mechatronic Solutions will be the first point of contact for all service issues for any Mechatronic Solutions machine or RoboPod®
  • An Engineer’s Service Report will be issued to the Customer detailing all work undertaken, items replaced, items to be replaced and recommended maintenance and spares upon completion of any agreed service visit.
  • Work required to carry out this report will be taken from the current outstanding credits.
  • Any spares or replacement parts outside of warranty will be quoted on a case by case basis.
  • Some third-party equipment will be excluded from this offering, to be specified on a machine by machine basis.
  • Any overseas travel expenses will be converted into service credits and debited from your service credits account.
  • Reviews are only applicable if there are outstanding credits on that machine.
  • Mechatronic Solutions will provide a monthly statement detailing the cost of the service visit in credits along with a balance of your remaining credits upon completion of any agreed service visit.
  • For each item listed on the service report, a cost in credits will be assigned to ensure transparency.
  • No additional or unexpected work will be undertaken without consent in writing from the Customer.
  • The Customer agrees to an automatic purchase of a credit extension pack when the level of service credits limits reaches 15 credits or below. This will ensure credits are always available for a service visit.
    • The Customer will agree which extension pack they wish to purchase on a rolling basis when purchasing the ‘service credit starter pack’.
  • If the Customer has insufficient credits within their account to cover a service, the service can be offered on a fixed price basis as per option 1 or arrange to purchase a service extension pack detailed on page 5, prior to a service to be undertaken.
  • The service agreement will auto renew to a pre-agreed credit bundle extension pack, so once all credits are used, an invoice will be issued for the next ‘Extension Pack’.
  • Only experienced, capable Engineers will be provided to carry out service work.

To adhere to the Customer’s health and safety requirements.

Customer Service Commitments
  • To ensure the machine is available for the full specified time of the service visit.
  • Provide sufficient production grade components for running and testing the machine during and after completion of the service activity.
  • Agree to an operator being available if required to run the machine during and after the service visit has been completed.
  • Provide a safe working environment for the Service Engineer to work.
  • Provide any company health and safety procedures required that are appropriate to your facility.
  • To provide remote connection at the machine & calculate fault level diagnostics with trained personnel.


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