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High volume, quality, accuracy and reliability

Reliable and accurate automated solutions

Mechatronic Solutions’ custom-designed automated medical solutions and systems integration services are ideal for manufacturing companies working in the medical and healthcare sectors.  We can provide machinery that will revolutionise your operations by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes.

As specialists in providing high quality automated solutions to the medical sector, we are able to deliver machinery that can easily handle a high volume, repetitive production requirement whilst at the same time delivering complete accuracy and reliability.

Bespoke solutions

To meet your processing needs

There are a number of medical automation solutions we are able to provide.  From cellular manufacturing, where we are able to bring together a number of different operations to form a more holistic process, to a complete process automation of your entire operation, we will design, manufacture and install the best system for your application.

Before we start the process of designing and manufacturing your systems, we will carry out a complete review of your process using the Kaizen methodology.  This approach allows us to create a bespoke and innovative solution designed purely for your processes.  It also allows us to work out any possible teething problems before we go into production, ensuring that the system delivered to you is perfect for your application.

Maintaining high standards

Maintaining the high standards of cleanliness required by the medical and healthcare sectors is paramount.  Any contamination of your products could be very costly to your company.  This is why all of our medical automation systems used in these sectors are manufactured in a clean room environment.  These controlled environments have an extremely low level of pollutants, such as dust and airborne microbes.  This means that our systems are produced with very little possibility of any particles being present that could contaminate your operations.

If your company operates in the medical or healthcare sectors and would like to talk to one of our experienced team members about your requirements, please call us on 0330 223 5333.  Alternatively, if you have a question regarding any of the services we offer, please complete your details in the form to the right.


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