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Food & Drink

Innovative bespoke and reconfigurable solutions

For the food and drink preparation and packing sectors

Mechatronic Solutions’ innovative automated solutions and systems integration services are designed and built for optimum process performance – ideal for repetitive processes, such as those found in the food preparation industry.

With around 30 years’ experience in providing reliable and efficient automated solutions for a variety of industries around the world, we know exactly what it takes to design and manufacture equipment for your processes that gives optimum performance.

The combination of innovative problem-solving techniques and a seamless integration of software, electronics and mechanics enables us to provide our customers with enhanced manufacturing capability, together with increased productivity.  This inevitably leads to increased profitability.

Meeting the food and drink industry standards

In the food and drink industry, there are a number of guidelines that apply to the production of equipment and machinery used in for preparation and processing.  It is a requirement that products need to be safe and hygienic, as well as being easy to sanitise.

With dedicated project management from the start of the process from concept through to manufacture onto delivery and installation, we are able to produce a bespoke automated solution to meet the exact requirements of your operation.

Maximising your productivity

Using a combined approach of lean manufacturing and the Kaizen methodology allows us to create bespoke and innovative solutions for a range of production processes. This enables us to develop and outcome that maximises productivity, reduces defects and improves efficiency.  It also allows us the opportunity to design out any possible teething problems before we go into production, ensuring that the system delivered to you is perfect for your application.

Our team of experienced personnel are on hand if you would like to discuss any requirements you have relating to your food and drink processes.  Please telephone us on 0330 223 5333.  Or complete your details in the form provided to the right and we will be happy to help.


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