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Ready to use ultrasonic welding for all manufacturing industries.

The Sonopod® is a standard range of ultrasonic welding machines capable of assembling many thermoplastic assemblies. sonopod machinePre-packaged ultrasonic welder modules for quick-to-market, economical, multi-point welding.

These standard flexible modules from the Robopod® catalogue can be quickly customised to suit most plastic welding applications. The experienced engineers at Sonopod® have already supplied many machines include staking, spot welding, energy directors and hedge-hog welds preparations. From our base in Birmingham, Sonopod® can provide advice, applications knowledge and experience to your plastics assembly projects. Call us now to arrange a visit. The Sonopod® can also include other associated second operation functions such as;-

  • Poke yoke checks
  • Clip fitting
  • De-gating
  • Dot marking
  • Labelling etc

These in-process features remove the need for double handling & additional separate equipment.

Sonopod® Range

The Sonopod® is available to suit 3 different components size ranges;-

  • Size 1      750mm x 300mm
  • Size 2      1020mm x 375mm
  • Size 3      1250mm x 425mm

These modules have an extremely compact design with minimal carbon footprint, and also offer proven bolster actuation to simplify maintenance, accessibility, whilst having a low spares requirement.

The standard components used within Sonopod® are Telsonic Ultrasonics for the ultrasonic generators and converters and Omron electronics for the PLC controller.

The Sonopod® range offers flexible technology and well proven design / concept, making them rigid and reliable. Sonopod® was originally developed for the automotive sector but are now available for all sectors of industry. The careful ergonomic layout ensures operator comfort and ultimate productivity.

All sizes can be supplied with low acoustic ratings with glazed automatic doors and Telsonic generators which are switched for economy and space saving. Our innovative design has produced a range of reliable assembly machines built to run 24 hours/day.

Sonopod® offers low site cost, plug and play installation and portable modular construction, which is totally reconfigurable. The pod can be re-tooled with new top bolster and nest, reusing the frame, generator, PLC and HMI.


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Need Sonopod® for a new application?

You can simply change the tooling

Minimal servicing is required, and Sonopod® uses a 240v 13Amp electrical supply, with standard shop compressed air.

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