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The ultimate automation innovation

An industry first! Robopod®’s plug-and-play robotics provide a unique standardised platform offering endlessly adaptable solutions, with unrivalled performance and rapid payback.

It’s an assembly line in a box.

Robopod®’s unique modular design is infinitely flexible. An exciting new concept, it does the work of an assembly line and handling personnel in a fraction of the time and of the cost. It effortlessly adapts to different tasks, delivering extra speed, productivity and efficiency in response to changing markets. It’s an off-the-shelf solution and, best of all, reusable.

You can re-tool and re-program Robopod® time and time again, thereby redeploying your capital assets and protecting your capital investment.

3rd Generation

Since its inception, the Robopod® concept and system has seen ongoing development:

1. The original Robopod® reconfigurable system established the product concept and introduced companies to the benefits of versatile and adaptable machinery

2. New and improved Robopod® incorporated a series of design reviews to give clients even better performance

3. Latest developments take Robopod® to another level. The 3rd generation machines incorporate folding integrated control screens and HMI touch screens, further enhancing the ease of use and programming experience

The future will doubtless bring further developments and enhancements to the range as Robopod® design engineers continue to push forward the range and maintain its leadership and unique offering. 

Robopod 3rd generation

Manufacturing Applications

Robopod® benefits every manufacturing sector, including:

Benefits of Robopod®

Employing Robopod® is like having many extra highly-skilled, unerringly accurate hands busy making money for you.

  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Purchase or lease option
  • Quick delivery, may even be ex-stock
  • Reduced obsolescence – re-tool or return at end of product life cycle
  • One Robopod® can process many products, reducing investment
  • Standard Pod can be re-engineered to suit difficult and special applications
  • SMED principles are employed and programs stored in memory to support fast changeovers
  • Versatility reduces investment in custom-made machinery
  • Data capture, QC monitoring and alarms
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote simulation and programming of robot
  • CE Marked
  • Process-engineered to your specific needs by experienced Mechatronic designers
  • Full after sales support
  • Made in Great Britain

With 3 decades of experience producing world-class automation solutions our engineers can be relied to offer the best advice and support available.

Robopod Website

For more information, visit the dedicated Robopod® website. Launched in 2020, it has the latest information on the range with specifications and renderings. 

Videos: Robopod® in Action

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