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Podconnect® AIV



Automated/Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV)

At the Centre of our Vision

Podconnect systems are about automated logistics, delivering your products to where they are needed on-time every time!

Incredibly intelligent, Podconnect does not require facility modifications and operates autonomously.

Podconnect works collaboratively with people and can reroute its own path if obstructed, to arrive at its destination in the most efficient time and path as possible.

The Podconnect network also connects your manufacturing plant with a flow of information across your Robopod products, bringing real time plant performance to your fingertips.

Podconnect can be configured several ways to carry, push or lift your products to their chosen destination.

Podconnect follows the same reconfigurable philosophy as all of the Robopod range.

Omron Solution Partner


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In Partnership with Omron

One of 2 UK Partners

AIV Fleet

Multiple Vehicles Working Together

Podconnect – At the Centre of IOT

Servicing machines, connecting logistics, making manufacturing more efficient.

AIV automation podconnect

Technical Specifications


  • Enterprise Manager – Allows Up To 100 AIVs to be controlled
  • Close loop feedback to all manufacturing processes
  • Real time status of all machines
  • Configurable performance dashboards
  • Infinitely expandable network of machines
  • Data capture of all key manufacturing & component data

Configurable Options:

  • Side Scanners for increased width capacity
  • Acruity to use ceiling lights for navigation

Possible Configurations:

  • Conveyor system
  • Lifting unit with Conveyor
  • Trolley Push System
  • Shelf system With Manual Door

Positional Accuracy:

  • Standard positional accuracy (+/- 50mm)
  • Positional Accuracy with HAPS (+/- 10mm)

AIV Models:

  • LD 60 – 60KG Weight Capacity
  • LD 90 – 90KG Weight Capacity

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