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Portable & Reconfigurable Assembly Bench

An Intelligent Approach to Manual Assembly

benchpodBenchpod® systems are at the heart of our new range of
semi and fully configurable assembly solutions.

An intelligent DC screwdriver with torque & angle feedback ensures a “no faults forward” assembly of your product.

All workstations use the same PC Based control system and 18.5-inch Touchscreen interface.

Interchangeable Plug & play fixture nests with expandable I/O are re-configurable for a range of technologies including, scanners, printers, machine vision and many more for your application.

Benchpod® follows the same reconfigurable philosophy as all of the Robopod® range.


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Technical Specifications


  • Display OEE Performance
  • Display cycle time and part output.
  • Instructional Videos embedded into HMI
  • Sequence display
  • Interchangeable fixturing
  • Plug and Socket connections for fixtures
  • Facility for Additional I/O on plug & play fixtures
  • Supermarket kitting for child parts


  • Ergonomic work height
  • Manual and spares Documentation accessed via HMI
  • Remote communication for Diagnostics
  • Data gathering – Integral database for logging of all data
  • Data logging including operator log in and auto log out after shift
  • Overhead lighting


  • Bench assembly
  • Poke-yoke fixturing
  • Intelligent screw driver assembly
  • No faults forward poke-yoke assembly
  • Scanners & Printers

POD Sizes:

  • 1,000mm (w) x 1000 (d)
  • 1,800mm (w) x 1000 (d)

Benchpod® Assembly Line

Intelligent, flexible, adjustable and portable.

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