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Reconfigurable Automation Solutions

Reconfigurable Automation Solutions

Reconfigurable Solutions

The most innovative transformable automated solutions

When it comes to providing reconfigurable automation solutions to companies involved in process manufacturing and assembly, Robopod sets the standards that others would aspire to. 

There is little that Robopod cannot do when it comes to providing exceptional automation solutions that revolutionise manufacturing processes. The range encompasses a host of innovative solutions including robotic cells, cellular manufacturing, automated assembly lines, process automation, and automated testing come together to deliver optimum process performance for any application.

Included in our range of services are reconfigurable solutions on a variety of distinct platforms:

  • RoboPod®
  • Tendapod®
  • Podconnect®
  • Tendapod Store

All of these can be re-used or re-tooled when the particular process for which they were acquired is no longer in use, thereby maximising the value of your asset by having it reconfigured to meet the demands of another process.


Robopod Website

For more information, visit the dedicated Robopod® website. Launched in 2020, it has the latest information on the range with specifications and renderings. 

Our Reconfigurable Solutions


Reconfigurable automation for every sector of manufacturing. Only limited by imagination.


Reconfigurable CMM Tending, Machine Tending & Gauge Tending


Automated Intelligent Vehicle (AIV) – connecting logistics and manufacturing in IOT

Tendapod Store®

Effortlessly manage your Work In Progress (WIP) with large touch screen HMI

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