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Mechatronic Unlocks a Riveting Challenge

Mechatronic Unlocks a Riveting Challenge

Mechatronic Unlocks a Riveting Challenge

The Client’s Challenge

One of the UK’s leading lock manufacturers approached Mechatronic to solve two challenges:

  • the need to obtain repeatable processing from an operator-dependant process and
  • relocation to a new factory requiring a reduction in manual labour and floor space

The Client’s Specific Needs

To ease the production of multi-point locks – key to security in PVC doors – a pair of semi-automated machines to:

  • locate components
  • screw the locks to the face plate, securing the connecting rods
  • automatically rivet the complete assembly.

There were over 30 variants including differing lengths, rivet centres, plus shapes and styles of lock unit to be fitted.

The Mechatronic Solution

Mechatronic developed a soft engineered model which successfully demonstrated to operators, technicians and engineers how the proposed machine would operate.

The operator manually assembles the variable pressed steel components, locks and screws then places the assembly into a shuttle which takes it away from the operator to a pair of independently-controlled, servo-driven inverted riveting machines. These riveters then move along the lock to pre-programmed centres to form the rivets.

As the assemblies are particularly unstable before riveting one of the key criteria was to minimise handling. This was achieved by creating a universal riveting fixture immediately in front of the screwing station.

The Results

Mechatronic’s flexible solution has given its customer the ability to process many styles of lock on one machine.

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Posted on

21st April 2017