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Unique Kaizen Workshop

Unique Kaizen Workshop

Unique Kaizen Workshop
Mechatronic Helps Customers Get Ahead With Unique Kaizen Workshop

Mechatronic Solutions offers a unique opportunity for customers to drill down to the vital elements of production equipment with their Concept Kaizen Workshop.

This innovative approach gives a practical review of the process before machines are designed and built rather than attempting fine tuning and modifications after machines have been installed, which can be costly and awkward to implement.

Kaizen-trained engineers can develop full scale mock up models of proposed machines, offering customers:

  • Right first time realisation of machine specification and process.
  • Operator/technician/maintenance buy-in to new methods
  • Determining jugular elements in the process and eliminate so that there are no surprises later in during a project.
  • Quicker order-to-delivery times
  • Accurate assessment of takt times and cycle times.
  • Line balancing

The partnership of Mechatronic and its customers not only reduces waste but also, and more importantly, gives a very clear overview of layout and function.

The practical simulation offered by Mechatronic ensures a ‘right first time solution’ through deep empathetic thinking at the outset of a project.

This method of working provides a fast and economical route to design which ensures robust solutions and a buy-in from all users of the finished equipment.

See a clear example of how Mechatronic successfully used its Kaizen workshop to provide its client with an innovative solution.

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Posted on

21st April 2017