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High speed robot bander

High speed robot bander

High speed robot bander

High speed robot bander for increased output and better quality at Wolf Systems

John Smallbone Operations Manager of Wolf Systems Ltd comments:

“we chose Mechatronic because of their Engineering Capability and understanding of the projects objectives.

“We were not disappointed the complete system was installed on time with very little disruption to our daily manufacturing schedule.”

Challenge Mechatronic have been working with Wolf Systems, the leading UK manufacturer of nail plates and metal webs for the construction industry to find a reliable solution to gather together sets of 20 webs and securely clip them into a manageable pack before stacking them onto a pallet.

Specific Needs

The customer was particularly looking for an innovative partner to be able to ensure that every fixing had been nested into the adjoining one within the cycle time of the punch press and to cater for a range of different sized products.

The main objectives of the project were to add consistency to the products, to reduce the risk of RSI and safeguard operators whilst speeding up output to meet increasing demand.

Mechatronics Solution

Following much development and trials by Mechatronic in conjunction with their customer a fully automated solution evolved which allowed a servo pick and place to gather the product from a continuous conveyor and merge them into packs of twenty, a six axis robot with a bespoke gripper was then used to transport the pack to a standard banding machine to attach two straps before taking the finished pack and stacking them onto a waiting pallet.


The cost of disposable clips has been reduced by 95%
Output has increased whilst freeing up the operator for other duties.
The cell also provides a showcase for automation that is new in the construction industry

Mechatronic’s Engineers manufactured a system that was simple for our staff to understand and use, was well integrated with our current production equipment and fully satisfied all our requirements, as they say, it ticked all the boxes. I would not hesitate to recommend Mechatronic to anyone wishing to automate their manufacturing processes.

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Posted on

21st April 2017