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High Speed Lock Lever Production

High Speed Lock Lever Production

High Speed Lock Lever Production

Mechatronic Provides The Key To High Speed Lock Lever Production

The Client’s Challenge

A world leader in domestic door locks and locking systems wanted a bespoke automatic machining centre to process mortise lock levers.

The Client’s Specific Needs

The old production method was labour intensive and the client required a much faster and flexible solution.

The Mechatronic Solution

Mechatronic’s team firstly identified how many different operations could be completed whilst the raw blank was held in one position.

A soft model was built in Mechatronic’s Kaizen workshop to demonstrate the layout and examine any possible issues of access, ergonomics or processes.

The resulting machine is capable of processing five families of levers, automatically collects the lever blank from a pre-loaded magazine and indexes the part on a rotary table where it is belly-milled on two faces to provide clearance in the lock. The next operation cuts a precise slot into which a spring wire is fitted, crimped and cut to a precise length.

The Results

The machine regularly exceeds its specification of producing a completed lever in less than four seconds and offers improved quality whilst reducing labour. A unique feature is the automatic removal of any reject part due to faulty components.

Floor area has been vastly reduced and quick change tooling by operators gives increased production flexibility within a shift rather than increasing stock levels.

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Posted on

21st April 2017