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Automation Improves Flexibility, Quality And Value

Automation Improves Flexibility, Quality And Value

Automation Improves Flexibility, Quality And Value

Mechatronic Solution Improves Flexibility, Quality And Value

The Client’s Challenge

A world class first tier automotive supplier asked Mechatronic to design a flexible method of ultrasonically welding, staking and checking for its customer.

The Client’s Specific Needs

The process needed to take place at one station with a minimum of manual intervention to reduce labour and improve quality.

The Mechatronic Solution

Using Kaizen methodology, Mechatronic has designed and built a suite of self contained, multi-purpose robot cells for large automotive mouldings.

These machines fully check the manual element of assembly, ultrasonically stake in five positions and spot weld in six positions, allowing for joining dissimilar materials. Four variants of components can be accommodated.

In-built checks ensure that:

  • The correct parts are properly loaded
  • Manually attached bought-out parts are present within the fixture
  • Self adhesive foam is present and correctly positioned via dynamic sensors mounted to the robot head
  • The welding and staking operations are completed within prescribed limits.

Should any component fail or any element of the process exceed pre-set levels the part is locked into the machine before production can resume.

The Results

Mechatronic has optimised the manual labour content to produce finished parts within the required cycle time and performance of the moulding machine.

Mechatronic’s flexible design enables simple re-tooling at the end of the original product’s life, maximising the asset’s value within the business.

The client said:

“Mechatronic’s approach to our projects has been pro-active, hands on, professional and timely. Their engineering capability has been proven and appreciated throughout the development of our current machines.”

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Posted on

21st April 2017