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Filling – Right Speed, Right Time

Filling – Right Speed, Right Time

Filling – Right Speed, Right Time

Mechatronic realises that filling at speed needs to be right first time

The Client’s Challenge

Mechatronic Production Systems were approached by one of the largest suppliers of printers and toner in Europe to design and build a fully integrated machine to fill and check containers with a variety of toner products then pack them into boxes with full traceability

The Clients Specific Needs

With the introduction of a new range of machines, Mechatronic were tasked by the customer to provide a high speed assembly cell to dispense four different colours of toner and additives to a very accurate weight.

To meet the launch date the equipment was required from concept to delivery in a minimal time.

In addition to filling the container the machine was required to read and write to an embedded tag as well as laser printing product details on to each component as it was processed. To ensure integrity of the product the machine was also provided with a linked packing station to ensure correct boxing and the inclusion of a silica bag inside the sealed damp proof bag.

The Mechatronic Solution

Working in close cooperation with the customer, engineers at Mechatronic developed a rotary table design at the proposal stage which allowed for the filling at two stations to reduce cycle time whilst still maintaining accuracy. The rotary approach also provided known locations to allow for the printing and cleaning operations as inside elements within the cycle time.

Mechatronic has developed software to account for the weight of product in flight to prevent overfilling of the containers.

Another requirement for the engineers at Mechatronic was to minimise the footprint of the machine whilst still providing ample access for maintenance and adjustment during product changes.

The Results

The equipment was delivered to schedule at a fixed price to the delight of the customer, during the build the customer identified a number of extra features that were required and Mechatronic managed to incorporate these into the core machine. The output is better than the original specification.

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21st April 2017