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Improving processes and products

Using Kaizen with an innovative methodology to help us deliver unique solutions

Mechatronic Solutions have been delivering high quality, innovative automation solutions and systems integration services to industrial process manufacturing and assembly sectors for over a quarter of a century.

This has been achieved by applying the Kaizen methodology, which drives continuous improvement across all company operations, and is a philosophy that every single one of our workforce buys in to.  It enables us to focus on improving processes and products, whilst at the same time improving employee satisfaction.

Using this methodology, we have been able to design and manufacture innovative, bespoke solutions for our customers as well as deliver unique problem-solving techniques that few other companies are able to offer.

Benefits of Kaizen Development

  • Right First Time
    By interacting with our customers, we can eliminate potential issues before they arise.
  • Customer Confidence
    Allowing the customer to input their ideas results in them being satisfied and confident throughout the complete Kaizen development.
  • Cost Reduction
    Kaizen can highlight erroneous variables that can be costly if left to the design/manufacturing stage.
  • Practicality
    Being able to see and feel the model, rather than being on CAD, can help both the customer and Mechatronic to visualise the product from all angles.
  • Safety
    Risks and hazards can be identified in the initial phase of the project whilst using Kaizen.
  • Prevention of Re-engineering
    Before any final tooling is made; problems can be rectified and adjusted accordingly.
  • Poka-Yoke
    Using the Poka-Yoke method enables us to eliminate product defects by preventing human errors as they occur.
  • Line Balance
    Using the Kaizen model, we are able to calculate how the workload of the line will be effectively managed in a practical manner.
  • Wealth of Mechatronic Knowledge
    With over 300 years of combined engineering
  • Reduces project risk
    Concepting something before you start a project reduces the likelihood of unforeseen problems

Kaizen-trained engineers delivering innovative solutions

By improving processes and helping to reduce waste, the Kaizen methodology enables us to help our customers make their operations more productive, efficient and profitable.

We make sure that our customers are involved during every stage of the process from concept, design, development, manufacturing and installation.  This helps us devise innovative solutions for them which transform their operations.

When we receive instructions from you, we will we carry out a complete and thorough review of your processes and operations.  During this time, we will get an in-depth understanding of your processes as well as your future requirements.   Following this initial stage, we will develop the concept and design in conjunction with you.

Kaizen-trained engineers will take the designs and develop a full-scale model of the machines.  This means there are no surprises later on in the project and there is no need to carry out fine tuning or modifications after the systems have been installed.  This approach allows us to deliver a right first time realisation of machine specification and process, which in the long-run saves our customers time and money.



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Complete solutions for your industrial process

We are able to offer a complete solution to improve the economy, speed and quality of processes across a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, and food and drink.

If you would like to discuss with us about how our unique approach using the Kaizen methodology in conjunction with other practices can help your operation, please call us on 0330 223 5333, or complete your details in the form provided to your right.

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