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Bespoke Industrial Automation


Bespoke Automation Solutions

Specially tailored to revolutionise production

Mechatronic Solutions is one of the UK’s leading providers of innovative automation solutions and system integration services.

Established in 1988 and based in Birmingham, Mechatronic Solutions has an exceptional reputation for designing, manufacturing and delivering some of the most ingenious bespoke automated manufacturing, processing and packing solutions for all industries including:

How We Work

We look to understand our customer’s processes and specification fully to offer the best solution that not only meets but exceeds the customer’s requirement.

From an initial site visit, Mechatronic aim to identify any risks in the project through our detailed quotation approach.

Once the risks have been identified, we undertake Kaizen activity in the form of trials or manufacturing development tools to prove the concept and mitigate those risks ensuring a successful project.

Our team of highly experienced engineers, project and risk management and outstanding customer support has steered Mechatronic to 85% repeat business from our customers making us the automation solutions provider you can trust.

Projects & Technologies

The types of bespoke projects and technologies Mechatronic has been involved with are:

  • Laser Automation:
    • Marking, Welding
  • Rotary, Linear & CAM Indexing Systems:
    • Semi/Fully Automated, Assembly, High Speed Assembly, Leak Testing
    • Marking, Riveting/Insertion, Pressing/Crimping, Vision Inspection
  • Pallet Transfer Systems
    • Semi/Fully Automated, Multiple Component Assembly, Leak Testing
    • Marking, Riveting/Insertion, Pressing/ Crimping, Vision Inspection
  • Robotic Systems
    • Spot Welding, Laser Welding, MIG Welding, Palletising, Assembly
    • High Speed Pick & Place, Riveting, Orientating Using Integrated Vision
  • Manual Stations
    • Leak Test Systems, Lean Manufacturing Assembly/Processing, Marking
    • Riveting/Pressing, Forming, Inspection, Work Stations
  • Production Lines:
    • Automotive radiators, Photocopier ink cartridges filling
    • Medical device sorting and assembly
    • Full turnkey solutions


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