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Richard Evans

Founder & CEO

Meet the Team

Richard Evans – Founder & CEO

When we established mechatronic Solutions in 1988, we set out with a passion for developing advanced technologies that would make a real difference for our clients. Over the last 3 decades, we have remained committed to delivering world-class automation systems through innovation, engineering excellence and first-class customer service. Richard Evans

Mechatronic Solutions & Robopod® Ltd

Background & Education

Richard is married with 5 children and lives in Warwickshire.

He was educated at Solihull School and has studied engineering and automation whose accreditations include:

  • European Engineer (EUR ING)
  • Chartered Engineer (CEng)
  • Member of Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET)

To further his business knowledge Richard has attended Warwick Aston and Oxford Business schools sponsored by Goldman Sachs and is part of the 10K businesses alumni.

Experience & Career Development

Richard has always been a passionate manufacturing engineer, having started the journey some 53 years ago. After leaving school at 16, he became apprenticed to an old Birmingham company BSA machine tools and then went onto work for Alfred Herbert in Coventry.

Married in his early 20’s he moved as production engineer to a Black country company with a Grey iron foundry and machine shop mass producing parts for the automotive industry. During this time he finished off 9 years of night school and with practical operation experience to become a Chartered and subsequently a European Engineer.

Westley Tools, Established 1974

At the age of 27, Richard started his first business Westley Tools as a toolmaking company, producing precision carbide and high speed cutting tools.

In 1985, he started Westley Feed Systems as start up venture, developing innovative manufacturing systems in automation. As product developer, Richard gained numerous patents and a Design Council award for one of his innovations.

Mechatronic Solutions, Established 1988

On the sale of Westley, Mechatronic Solutions was born some 30 years ago to address the trend away from tooling and maximise the opportunities for bespoke automation which has now grown into a successful business.

The company offers tailor-made manufacturing systems in Robotics and lean manufacturing across a wide range of business sectors.

Robopod®, Established 2015

Robopod® was started some 4 years ago to address the reconfigurable robotic and Industry 4,0 opportunities and is becoming highly successful.

MechTech Automation Group

The holding company MechTech Automation Group originated 40 years ago and is the holding company for both Mechatronic Solutions and RoboPod®. Richard is CEO of the Group.


Over the years, Richard has conducted business to the USA and widely across Europe, India and Japan.

“I’m hugely impressed with what Mechatronic is doing here. They add real value to both the business community and this part of Birmingham. Mechatronic demonstrates a huge depth and breadth of innovation and skills and I’m particularly impressed with their approach, which is built on fostering long term relationships with both customers and suppliers – or as they call it, ‘organic gardening’.” Richard Burden



Richard’s hobbies over the years have included Marathon running, Rock climbing, Skiing, Scouting and Ocean Sailing – having sailed across the Atlantic. However, he is now more content to read and has an extensive library devoted to the inquisitive nature of all things related to the human mind and spirit.

Outside of work, he can often be found in his organic vegetable garden, walking his three dogs or out on a Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycle.


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