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Chris Gibson

General Manager

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Chris Gibson – General Manager

“It’s been a privilege to spend my career so far at Mechatronic Solutions and Robopod®, growing and developing my own skills and experience in line with the company’s expansion.” Chris Gibson

Mechatronic Solutions & Robopod® Ltd

Background & Education

Chris Gibson was raised and schooled in Beverley, East Yorkshire. At 18, he moved to the Midlands to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham.

After graduating with a BEng, he began his career in engineering with his first role at Mechatronic Solutions in June 2006.

While pursuing his career, he has continued to study part time through the Open University, which allowed him the opportunity to fit study around work. His first pursued more advanced studies in engineering, gaining a Masters (MEng), before then going on to complete an MBA in 2018, which he says he chose not just for the qualification but more for the business learning. He explains:

“The MBA offered something different that I could use and implement within the business.”

Experience & Career Development

Having spent his whole working life at Mechatronic Solutions and Robopod Ltd, Chris has had a number of roles and has grown with the company.

In June 2006, he commenced his first role as Design Support Engineer – a role based in the design office where Chris assisted designers. After a year in this role, Chris progressed to a more senior role of Designer where he took on more responsibility for designing machines.

The development of his career ran alongside and complemented his MEng studies.

After 2-3 years as Designer, Chris was promoted to a new role of Project Leader. This was a diverse role which provided exposure and an opportunity to gain experience in a number of areas, including:

  • Managing a number of projects and clients
  • Taking on quotations
  • Visiting sites for installations
  • Programming in the control department of FANUC Robotics, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface)
  • Implementation of ISO9001
  • Internal auditing

The expansion of Mechatronic Solutions’ business and move to new premises presented a new opportunity and Chris was promoted to Operations Manager, taking charge of the shop floor and ensuring timely deliveries.

This was the first step in man management and was later followed by further promotion to a new position of General Manager when the Company’s further growth led to a restructure and strengthening of the management team. Richard Jones took over the role of Operations Manager and Tony Parker-Watkins joined as Business Development Manager.

“The company has supported me through my continued professional development. Richard Evans in particular has encouraged my studies. In return, it’s been a privilege to use the knowledge I’ve gained in studying to help the business grow, bringing in a fresh perspective on major projects like the Robopod® development.

“It’s been very much a symbiotic relationship.

“Now that I’ve personally benefited from growth and development, I try to encourage the same self-improvement values and ambition in my team, as I know that it benefits all parties.” Chris Gibson

General Manager, Mechatronic Solutions & Robopod Ltd


Chris describes himself as an ‘on/off’ runner and has completed half and full marathons in the past. Now that his studies are complete, he is keen to spend more time on DIY and house restoration projects.


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