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Details for Mechatronic’s apprenticeship scheme are published at https://www.makeuk.org/future-makers/apprenticeship-vacancies – where you’ll find the latest information, vacancies and application details.

Case Study

Jake Thomas, one of Mechatronic Solutions most exciting apprentices explains why working for us has opened the door for him to become a confident engineer, and speaks about the opportunities this scheme has given him…

“The engineering industry has always excited me and it is something that I have always wanted to be a part of. After finishing school and college, I went on to look for apprenticeships where I came across Mechatronic Solutions. From filling in my application form and later visiting the workplace for my interview, I knew it was something that I wanted to be involved in. For me, Mechatronic offered all the tools for a successful career in the industry. With its highly respected status in automation solutions and manufacturing, I was certain that I could begin to fulfil my ambition to become a successful engineer at Mechatronic.”

“Since I started back in 2013, I have worked very hard in my education courses that are tied in with the apprenticeship scheme. The training college that I attended for the first two years of my apprenticeship is the EEF, where I achieved a lot of my practical and theoretical skills. Here I learnt how to operate different machinery like milling machines, lathes and CNC machines, whilst at the same time being trained in classroom lessons for my course: engineering drawing techniques, mechanical principles and engineering maths, just to name a few of the lessons included. After successfully completing my Level 2 and Level 3 BTEC in mechanical engineering at EEF, I was given the sponsorship for my HNC to continue strengthening my knowledge of mechanical engineering. As an apprentice at Mechatronic you are given the opportunity to work in the positive working environment of each department. In my time so far I have worked in both the mechanical and the electrical departments, and I will be progressing through my apprenticeship scheme to work in the controls department, the design office and the sales team.”

“During my apprenticeship program I have been granted so many opportunities to grow as an engineer, from travelling all over the country to the sponsorship of further education. All of the experience that I have picked up from working on all different projects and working away on install jobs have added up to be a beneficial introduction to my career as an engineer. I have gathered a great amount of skills in my apprenticeship at Mechatronic up to now and I’m sure this list will continue to grow over the coming years.”

Jake Thomas

Apprentice, Mechatronic Solutions

Apprenticeship Vacancies & Applications

Make UKOur apprenticeships are advertised and recruited via Make UK (formerly known as EEF). 

Their work helps to connect young people with the very best employers the industry has to offer and delivers world-class engineering apprenticeships and skills training.

Make UK apprenticeship schemes are developed to create the next generation of electrical and mechanical engineers.


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