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Robopod® Launches New Dedicated Website

Robopod Website

Robopod®’s new website is now live. 

The new website is dedicated to the company’s reconfigurable systems and features comprehensive information, illustrations, video and specifications for the ranges and offering:

  • Robopod® reconfigurable range
  • Tendapod® tending range
  • Podconnect and AIV
  • Flexible manufacturing

Robopod® is best known for its groundbreaking reconfigurable robotic and automation solutions, but in recent years, the concept has expanded and grown.

Companies can take advantage of the quick implementation and easy reconfiguration of the versatile systems. 

“We are thrilled to give Robopod its own platform with a fresh and modern website that showcases the range.

“It’s there to provide inspiration and information, but for any queries, we’d encourage people to get in touch. Our expert engineers have immense experience and knowledge. We’re here to help you work out what’s best for your immediate, mid and long term requirements.

“Let’s talk!”

Tony Parker-Watkins

MechTech Group (Mechatronic Solutions & Robopod®)


Robopod® is the innovative reconfigurable system with a standardised platform for robotic applications, offering unrivalled performance. Endlessly adaptable to the client’s requirements, the potential uses for Robopod® are 'only limited by imagination'; making a Robopod® a versatile investment with potential for rapid payback.

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