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What is the Definition of Automation?

definition mechatronics Automation is a broad term that can cover many areas of technology. Often in the times when human input is minimised.

So how do we define automation? Well this term is often used within many areas of business such as IT automation, marketing automation and industrial automation. However automation systems are frequently used for factories as well as production, manufacturing and packing environments.

In essence it is a type of function that takes away from the human input and replaces it with machines and could be penned the ‘smart factories of 2020’ – and beyond.

So what does this mean for 2020 and the future of business? Will it take away from new roles in the factory industry? It will most likely create more, the need for building new machines is so huge and it is vital to know that automation is much more accurate than human intervention. There are no mistakes and these automation systems can be used across the board for a number of clients to be built for their needs to ensure that their factories are running smoothly.

In Simple Terms, What Is Automation & Automation Systems?

Automation systems operate in the factory on the physical product itself and they will perform tasks to help the handling or processing of materials. They also perform operations such as processing and assembly as well as inspection, which means multiple tasks can be completed easily and efficiently, with a great impact for businesses. It saves time and money. As we further define automation, we can see that it is creating a huge path for change across all industries. We live in a modern world where production is constant and the supply and demand chain is getting bigger and faster paced.

Businesses can now use automation for machining, creating, and shaping parts, as well as for assembling products which means factories processes are sped up and much more accurate, which can only be a good thing.  There are different types of automation, one of which is mechatronics.

What Is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary area of engineering. This area combines both mechanical and electrical engineering, hence its name and will work to pick up signals from the environment around it. It then processes this information to generate output signals, and transforms them into anything from forces to actions and it can be a very valuable system. In 2020, the capability of mechatronics is huge and there are plenty of benefits, however, it is known, as with any industry that it could change and grow in the years to come. Factory automation is already showing huge benefits for many of its users. There are three recognised levels of expertise in the domain of mechatronics. These robotics are so intelligent that they can be used in almost all industries and appreciate what is needed before being able to do so.

Automation can also be delivered one step at a time and one machine at a time. This doesn’t have to just be on a multi-million pound project, automation can be used for one process at a time for any type of client that is looking to move forwards. It’s available to all and it’s also important to note the bespoke automation systems are available for businesses who are looking to take the next step and move into the modern world of automation.  Industry 4.0 has arrived and it’s time to look at the ways in which automation could help your business. Some of which are as follows:

  • Adapt To Market Demand – it can keep up with what your customers want and what you need to create.
  • Reduce Labour Cost – less finances spent on staff that are no longer needed and can be utilised in other areas.
  • Increase Marketing ROI – it can improve your generation and leads.
  • Minimise Human Errors – robotics are almost 100% fool proof and will be reliable without causing error.
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction – you will see that your customers are happier, you can carry on your projects with professionalism to better timescales with perfect results.

Automation systems are the future and within factory settings they are an asset. Bringing both reliability and functionality to any business, there is no denying that automation systems are here to stay and are defining new industry goals and targets as we continue through 2020.

For further information of automation systems you can contact our team of experts to see how it may benefit your business and what types of system would work well for your needs.

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