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Coronavirus News – How We Are Working

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Mechatronic Solutions and Robopod are still open during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. We are working hard to fulfil customer orders for machines and responding to a range of interesting new enquiries. 

The safety of our staff is paramount and we are following national policies and operating within strict guidelines.

  • Staff are working remotely where the nature of the role permits
  • Client meetings are held primarily via phone or video conference
  • Naturally production is a function that requires factory equipment and facilities, so manufacturing is continuing at our Birmingham automation development site
  • We are maintaining social distancing where staff work together in offices and on the factory floor
  • Hygiene is paramount. Staff are encouraged to wash hands regularly. There is also ample hand sanitiser freely available around the offices and factory area
  • Any member of staff showing symptoms such as persistent dry cough and/or high fever must self-isolate for 2 weeks
  • Client visits to the shop floor have been temporarily stopped to reduce the risk of spread

The pandemic comes at a time when Mechatronic Solutions and Robopod are facing record sales levels and we are keen to meet all commitments.

New Enquiries

We are also seeing new enquiries from companies who see that increasing the automation of their production and packing processes is a means by which they can reduce human interaction while maintaining output, by introducing machines that can take on the role of people.

The food and drink industry in particular is seeing significant growth in demand and automation is a means of ensuring continuity of output while also improving efficiency, speed and cost. Mechatronic Solutions and Robopod have experience of producing for the food and drink sector, ensuring that machines meet the standards for hygiene.

Other sectors where automation is of high current interest include the medical and pharmaceutical industries, where scientists are working on areas that would not have been considered until very recently. Having attended the Medical Technology Ireland Show in 2019 and 2017, Mechatronic and Robopod have already delivered a number of projects and have more in development. The companies have good knowledge of the distinct needs of these sectors.

Given the fast-changing nature of the global situation, Robopod in particular is seeing a lot of interest. For companies who are seeing unprecedented demand or are developing new areas in response to the Coronavirus situation, Robopod offers a versatile automation system available with shorter lead times than bespoke automation systems. It is reconfigurable to suit a wide variety of purposes and can be repurposed for a host of alternative requirements in the mid to long term.

Get In Touch

Mechatronic Solutions and Robopod welcome new enquiries. Our team of expert engineers are here to help companies during this difficult time.

Mechatronic Solutions

Established in 1988, Mechatronic Solutions (Mechatronic Production Systems Ltd) offer high tech automation solutions to a wide range of manufacturers. As well as bespoke automation machinery, the company also created the innovative Robopod®, a reconfigurable system with a standardised platform which is endlessly adaptable to the client’s requirements.

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