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Robopod® Busy After Medical Technology Ireland Show

Medical technology show robopod

Robopod® is busy handling enquiries in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and medicine sector after exhibiting at the Medical Technology Ireland 2019 show this year.

Medical Technology Ireland 2019The show was an opportunity for Robopod® to showcase its latest developments, specifically targeting the exacting needs of companies operating in the medical sector.

Advancements in technology at Robopod® mean that the systems are more versatile and easy to programme than ever before, with HMI screens and interactive displays making life easy for operatives and engineers alike. Prodution can be made fast, efficient and superbly consistent.

AIV Demonstrations

Podconnect® Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle

Robopod® also displayed the Podconnect® AIV – an advanced autonomous intelligent vehicle which can improve efficiency in any workplace. Unlike other AIV, Podconnect® requires no wires or tracks. It has inbuilt sensors to avoid any static or moving obstacles – including other AIV and human workforce – so the AIV is very easily integrated for immediate benefit.

Visitors to the show were able to see a moving AIV demonstration and understand how it could add value within their own facilities.

Business Opportunity

Mechatronic Solutions and Robopod® welcomed the show as an opportunity to visit clients and make new contacts in Ireland. 

This was the company’s second time attending the show and more look likely in the future, as Business Development Manager Tony Parker-Watkins explained:

“We had a very positive show. The Medical Technology Ireland show is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our expertise in the sector, where we already have a number of clients for both our bespoke and reconfigurable solutions.

“We were pleased to meet some new contacts as well as catching up with existing partners and clients.

“Our demonstrations and displays were received with some very positive comments and feedback. Visitors particularly liked our Pods, both for the design and the offer of flexible manufacturing.

“We are now working to a series of enquiries following our demonstrations and discussions at the show. We look forward to doing more in Ireland as a result of the show, and in the medical/health sector too.”

Tony Parker-Watkins

Business Development Manager, MechTech Group (Mechatronic Solutions & Robopod®)


Robopod® is the innovative reconfigurable system with a standardised platform for robotic applications, offering unrivalled performance. Endlessly adaptable to the client’s requirements, the potential uses for Robopod® are 'only limited by imagination'; making a Robopod® a versatile investment with potential for rapid payback.

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