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FANUC Video Features Compact Automation Robodrill

fanuc compact automation

MTDCNC Video Interview

Engineering and tooling news provider MTDCNC showcased the compact automation Robodrill which was developed in collaboration between FANUC and Robopod®.

The reporter was particularly impressed with the footprint of the ‘I-Tend’ automation solution, which will feed the machine day and night for exceptional efficiency, describing it as:

“…fabulously compact automation solution which is attached to a Robodrill”


Andrew Harvey, FANUC Application Engineer, explained the advantages of the design:

“This is essentially replacing that monotonous loading and unloading operation from the operator and is automating that operation effectively.”

The setup incorporates:

  • Standardised tray system
    • Component size driving how many parts are put into each tray
    • Machine accommodates up to 9 trays in the configuration shown 
    • Trays can be loaded while machine is in operation
  • Inbuilt vision system
    • Able to see where parts are pick up any mistakes/misloads 
  • Efficient footprint
    • The machine uses height rather than width
  • Robodrill
    • Hi-speed drill incorporated
  • Integrated programming
    • CNC programming using CAM system with option to programme on machine
    • Robot programming via HMI option with touchscreen

The MTD CNC reporter concluded:

“2 things here – great machine but automation with it. 


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