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Global Rise of Robots To Boost Productivity

Oxford Economics Report

Analysis by Oxford Economics has revealed the dramatic growth in worldwide use of robots as numbers have trebled in the last 2 decades to an estimated 2.25 million, but are set to grow at an even higher rate and reach up to 20 million by 2030 – over 8 times the current figure. 

The report highlights the pace of change, saying:

“Since 2010, the global stock of robots in industry has more than doubled: as many robots were installed in the past four years as over the eight previous.”

Adoption of robotics in manufacturing is accelerating fast as the machines become ever more advanced with features such as AIV compatibility and Smart Factory collaboration which allow the robots to integrate with other equipment and systems, bringing added benefits.

It is estimated that each robot could replace 1.6 manufacturing jobs, saving costs. While concern is expressed for the impact on areas with lower skills and higher existing unemployment rates, Oxford Economics said that overall, the robotisation of manufacturing would boost productivity and economic growth worldwide; estimating that 30% rise in robot installations worldwide would create $5 trillion in additional global GDP, creating new jobs including industries and sectors that don’t yet exist.

For more information and to download a free report, visit Oxford Economics.

Robots, Robotics & Automation Solutions

Mechatronic Solutions are thought leaders in world-class automation.  The high tech systems have enabled clients in a range of sectors and industries to achieve greater efficiency, improving speed of production but also greater accuracy and more consistent quality of output. The intelligent systems provide information which gives commercial and operational benefits too.

Using Robopod® reconfigurable or Mechatronic bespoke automation has enabled numerous clients to implement or develop their Smart Factory environments.

Robopod productivity

Mechatronic Solutions

Established in 1988, Mechatronic Solutions (Mechatronic Production Systems Ltd) offer high tech automation solutions to a wide range of manufacturers. As well as bespoke automation machinery, the company also created the innovative Robopod®, a reconfigurable system with a standardised platform which is endlessly adaptable to the client’s requirements.

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