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3rd Generation Robopod® Enhances User Interface

Robopod 3rd generation​Since its inception, the Robopod® concept has seen ongoing development, pushing forward the system on every level from capabilities and performance to versatility and ease of use. 

The 3rd generation of Robopod® machines sets the highest ever standards with a suite of upgrades which specifically were designed to build in even greater convenience and ease of use for those charged with programming the machines.

The ‘plug and play’ reconfigurable technology for Robopod® was there from day one, providing companies with an endlessly flexible system with which they could perform repetitive tasks quickly, efficiently and accurately. Yet the enhancements have continued to move the company forward

1:The original Robopod® reconfigurable system established the product concept and introduced companies to the benefits of versatile and adaptable machinery

2:New and improved Robopod® incorporated a series of design reviews to give clients even better performance, as well as building on AIV compatibility so that Robopod® can fit seamlessly within any manufacturing or production environment

3:The latest user-focused developments take Robopod® to another level by integrating the latest advanced interface technology. 3rd generation Robopod® machines incorporate folding integrated control screens and HMI touch screens, further enhancing the ease of use and programming experience

The Future for Robopod®

Design engineers at Robopod® have demonstrated their commitment to moving the technology forward and staying at the forefront of reconfigurable engineering for Smart Factory environments. The future will doubtless bring further developments and enhancements to the range, continually pushing forward the range and maintaining the unique positioning of Robopod® within the market. 

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Robopod® is the innovative reconfigurable system with a standardised platform for robotic applications, offering unrivalled performance. Endlessly adaptable to the client’s requirements, the potential uses for Robopod® are 'only limited by imagination'; making a Robopod® a versatile investment with potential for rapid payback.

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