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Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Predictive Maintenance

Industry 4.0

One of the most underrated benefits of the Smart Factory is that of predictive maintenance.

Intelligent use of manufacturing data can be used and interpreted to warn managers and engineers about urgent services or risk of breakdown. This may sound initially unexciting, but avoiding breakdown can have a significant positive impact on the business.

According to a report by eMaint, businesses spend 80% of their time reacting to maintenance issues rather than preventing them. Maintenance can be a pain but breakdowns most often mean a big drain on resources. Production stops, repairs cost money and staff are diverted to fix the problem asap.

Predictive Maintenance

The saying that prevention is better than cure certainly applies to production systems and avoiding breakdowns.

Yet ‘predictive maintenance’ is cleverer. This is where Industry 4.0 systems and data are used to provide early warnings about a machine or network issue so that action can be taken before everything stops. It can save companies time, hassle and money:

  • Fixing a breakdown issue early often costs less by avoiding consequential damage 
  • Having some element of planning in the maintenance can be very helpful to minimising impact on production. For example, it could inform the urgency of maintenance work to allow planning around a specific production deadline. Equally it can help engineers to make the most of any planned stoppage in production e.g. out of hours or holiday close downs
  • Predictive maintenance can also save costs by delaying planned maintenance when it is not yet necessary

Industry 4.0 monitoring can provide information about the condition and performance of equipment during normal ongoing running through computeriszed maintenance management system (CMMS) for condition monitoring data. Systems can include additional sensors as required in order to provide accurate data on machine conditions. 

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

Studies have shown that a predictive maintenance strategy can save both time and money:

  • 10x return on investment (ROI)
  • 25-30% reduction in maintenance costs
  • 70-75% elimination of breakdowns
  • 35-45% reduction in downtime
  • 20-25% increase in production

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