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Meet The Team: Tony Parker-Watkins, Business Development Manager

Staff Profile

Our latest ‘meet the team’ profile is for Business Development Manager, Tony Parker-Watkins, who joined the company in 2014. 

Tony brought extensive experience to the company, having worked in the bespoke and robotic automation industry in a number of roles and companies. 

At Mechatronic Solutions and Robopod, he leads the sales team, working closely with clients around the world on their advanced automation needs. 

Tony Parker-Watkins

Business Development Manager

Tony joined Mechatronic Solutions and Robopod at a senior level, bringing vast experience of the automation and robotics industry.

As Business Development Manager, he has played a key role in furthering company’s expansion and growth. Mechatronic has achieved an astonishing 400% growth in the last five years, growth that has been fuelled not only by the company’s dedication to product innovation, but also the company’s enthusiasm about venturing into new industry sectors and new overseas markets.

Tony’s determination to fully understand client requirements in order to provide suitable solutions has been key to enabling this growth. His personal dedication to building relationships of trust and customer satisfaction has meant that Mechatronic Solutions enjoys 85% repeat business from its customers.

Mechatronic Solutions/Robopod® Team

Mechatronic Solutions and Robopod® believe that the experience and loyalty within the team of staff has been key to the companies’ recent successes.

The experience and expertise within the companies means that clients can trust Mechatronic Solutions and Robopod® to provide the best advice on advance automation.

Mechatronic Solutions

Established in 1988, Mechatronic Solutions (Mechatronic Production Systems Ltd) offer high tech automation solutions to a wide range of manufacturers. As well as bespoke automation machinery, the company also created the innovative Robopod®, a reconfigurable system with a standardised platform which is endlessly adaptable to the client’s requirements.

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