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Industry Insights and Company Updates

It’s a busy time for Mechatronic Solutions and Robopod. 

The company is going from strength to strength and there’s lots happening. In the last year, we’ve launched new products, been to trade shows and exhibitions and held a ground-breaking open event.

Our activities are posted in the news section of this website and also on social media.

We’re keen to build our following, so you’d like to see the stories first, here’s where to find us:

Mechatronic Solutions:


New for 2018

We’ve just released our first video of the year – a unique insight into Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles with an opportunity to see Multiple AIV units working together, collaboratively as a fleet. There will be more videos for 2018 providing a range of demonstrations of automation.

We also have more to share on our own company news. As Mechatronic Solutions enters its 30th year – and the 40th year of MechTech Automation Group, there will also be news of a special open event later in the year.

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Mechatronic Solutions

Established in 1988, Mechatronic Solutions (Mechatronic Production Systems Ltd) offer high tech automation solutions to a wide range of manufacturers. As well as bespoke automation machinery, the company also created the innovative Robopod®, a reconfigurable system with a standardised platform which is endlessly adaptable to the client’s requirements.

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